Thursday, November 21, 2019

What Has Happened Since Chapter 3-15

Today I will be talking to you about what has happened so far since Chapter 3. So do you remember back in chapter 3 the boy got something stuck in the tree and then "Freak" comes over and gets it down for him, because he is taller then the others.

After that they both ride in a wagon that they push together.

Thank you for reading please stay tuned for the ending review. BYE!!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

PE-Soccer teaching⚽️

Kia Ora, Today I will be talking to you about how my sport went and taught my class how to play soccer.
In my group is Josh, Saia,  Loloma, Camryn, Shelbt, Vin, Raratonga and Me.

I think that my team did really well teaching a whole class how to play one sport. I think that we did really good because everyone was cooperating with everyone and we were all getting along.
For soccer my role was to sort everyone into there groups and making sure that everyone was good with the people in the group. My other role that everyone had was to lead the warm ups.
I think that something that we could change next time is timing because 1 of the teams only got 5minutes to play were the first team got like 30 minutes.
1 thing that I learnt was how to control the ball and the second things was how to kick the ball on my foot.

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DMIC Maths✖️➖➕💲

Ka Ora, today I will be talking to you about what we have been doing DMIc maths. In my group out group is Kya, Shelby, Jrae, Tj, Alex and me. 

For my group we think that this questions was pretty easy. The maths equation that w got was that if Arianna had $10 plus 2 and if Matui had $1 and it doubled everyday after that who would you rather be. 

Here is my working out..... 

I would rather be Arianna. Thank you for reading my blog post,BYE!!!!!!

Freak the Mighty👍😄

Kia Ora, today I will be talking to you about what I have been doing for my reading at school this term. The book that I have been reading is Freak the Mighty.

It's a book about a boy that was really small in preschool and then he grows up taller and helps out his new neighbour/friend at school.

If you read the back of the book, it looks like someone is getting for not being as smart as others and being the same size and them as he is taller then everyone else at his school.


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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Orana Wildlife Park 🦃🦁🐯🐵🐍

Kia Ora and welcome, today I will be talking to you about what 2 classes from my school did.
On Monday the 23rd of September Tz and Bh went to Orana Wildlife Park.

The trip started at 8:45 so everyone had to come to school at the right time we norally do. When we got there we split up into to groups. There were two groups, Group 1 and Group 2. I was in group 2. The first thing that my group saw was the Reptiles. In were they are there was about 6 different types of reptiles.

The next thing we went and saw was the Keas. When we went in it was so scary because the Keas like shiny stuff and I was wearing earrings. After we saw the Keas we went and saw the lions. The lions were so cute because to of them were hugging each other.

After that we we ant and saw the Tazmanian Devils.We didn't really see them because they were sleeping. So our teacher that was teaching the group told us about them.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Period 2

Today for CIP I will be talking to you about what I did 2nd  period today.

Period 2
For 2nd period I did Kapa Haka, I like to do Kapa Haka because it is a great opportunity for me to share my culture and to get used to preforming in front of people. For Kapa Haka my group for the singing part is a leader. The leader in Kapa Haka is the biggest group in Kapa Haka, we have to sing in the highest pitch and then in our normal voices after that.

In Kapa Haka there is 2 other groups. There is a group of just girls that sing in high voices and then there is another group and it is just boys and they have to do a low note that mostly boys can do.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Gym Sports

For Wednesday this week we did Gym Sports as one of our passions. I am in Gym Sports because I wanted to play sports and have fun. Here is what we did today:...

Today for Gym Sports we had a Beep Test and we also played Dodgeball. For the Beep Test we could go in teams or we could go individual. I was in a team with Evelyn my friend that comes to Gym Sports with me. My score for the Beep Test was 10.0. After the last person had finished there run we had started Dodgeball.

The first round we did the winner was the team that had Mr Mitchell as there dean and the other team lost. These second team that we played girls could only go for girls and boys could only go for boys. For the second game I stayed in ford ages but then I got hit and the other team won.

After we had all finished having games of Dodgeball we went to go get change and went back to our classes we needed to go to.

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